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Multi-RPC Support for Enhanced Block Explorer Reliability and Performance
Objective: Enhance the Block Explorer application by introducing the capability to configure and utilize multiple RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoints simultaneously. This feature aims to address potential limitations, such as API rate limits and downtime, by allowing parallel requests to different RPC servers. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for automatic failover and backup in the event of an RPC server becoming unavailable. Proposed Features: 1. Multi-RPC Configuration: - Allow users to set up and configure multiple RPC endpoints within the Block Explorer application. - Provide a user-friendly interface for managing and prioritizing these RPC servers. 2. Parallel Request Handling: - Implement the ability to send requests simultaneously to multiple configured RPC servers. - Introduce intelligent load balancing to distribute queries efficiently among the specified RPC endpoints. 3. Automatic Failover: - Detect and handle RPC server failures in real-time. - Implement an automatic failover mechanism to redirect requests to available RPC servers when one or more become unreachable. 4. Backup RPC: - Allow users to designate certain RPC servers as backup options. - When a primary RPC server is down, seamlessly switch to a backup RPC to ensure continuous Block Explorer functionality. 5. Status Monitoring: - Provide a dashboard or status page to monitor the health and availability of configured RPC servers. - Enable notifications or alerts for users/administrators when an RPC server is experiencing issues. 6. Expected Benefits: Improved overall reliability and uptime of the Block Explorer application. Mitigation of potential API rate limit issues through parallel request handling. Enhanced fault tolerance with automatic failover and backup RPC functionality. Additional Information: Consideration should be given to the implementation details, potential user configurations, and the impact on application performance. Collaboration with the community for testing and feedback is encouraged to ensure the success of this feature.
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